1. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis in Pregnant Women1
  • ChiroRab™ is safe for pregnant women and did not interfere with the development of the fetuses or infants.
  • All of the infants exhibited normal development.
  • No miscarriages, stillbirths, or fetal malformations were reported.
  • No rabies cases were reported for any of the subjects or babies.
  1. Immunogenicity of ChiroRab™ in Immunocompromised Individuals2
  • 57% of individuals in the symptomatic HIV-infected group had RVNA titers >0.5 IU/mL by Day 37 (0.6 IU/mL).
  • Due to the possibility of a lower antibody response in individuals who are HIV-positive, it is important to note that when PEP is administered to HIV-positive individuals following exposure to rabies, the WHO recommends the administration of RIG in all cases.