Presenting ChiroRab


  • WHO Prequalified, second-generation purified chick embryo cell (PCEC) rabies vaccine with high potency level per dose, recommended for all established WHO intramuscular (IM) and intradermal (ID) vaccination schedule
  • Contains inactivated rabies virus with a potency of ≥2.5 IU/dose and is suitable for both pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis for all individuals at high-risk from rabies infection
  • Contains no preservative
  • Conforms to the WHO requirements by inducing a rabies virus neutralizing antibodies (RVNA) concentration of ≥0.5 IU/mL which is regarded by the WHO as being an ‘adequate’ protective RVNA concentration, and is commonly used as a threshold in clinical trials
  • Most widely used rabies vaccine with over 80 million doses sold since its introduction into the world market